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Dividing a laser beam Answered

I'm working on a project that utilizes a series of laser beams, about 8. Instead of having 8 separate laser pointers/diodes, I think it would be easier if I were to find a way of splitting the beam of light from one into 8 beams of light. Does anyone have any ideas? Something like shining it through angled Plexiglas or some kind of prism?


This picture andthis page might help. Note that the light intensity will decrease.

Tis,k to do such a duty to a fellow instructabillian.

Ah, that well-known elemental substance "blue". Commonly found on cheese, the sky and engineer's fingers. If they don't have to be the same intensity you could use a diffraction grating (read: CD) but depending on where you need the beams to end up it may be easier to get 8 laser pointers. If you were going to get front-silvered mirrors etc. as well it might even be cheaper as well.

Maybe some fiber optic cable?

One method is to use rotating mirrors coupled with synchronized pulses of the laser to split the beam into different directions. Cheers, Pat. Pending

Ehhmm, I know its what you do to make a hologram... perhaps a super well lined up prism?

I was thinking angled perspex or similar to allow light to be partially reflected and partially go through the plastic...