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Do I have a major hardware problem or is it something much less? Answered

Gateway Windows XP Home Edition Model # MF ATXSTL KTH 300SE LTD Ship Date- 4/8/02 Hard drive- Western Digital 20GB 5400RPM 128MB 133/100/66 - MHz 64Bit 4-Clock 16X8SDRAM DIMM Modems- Gateway V.92 PCI Soft Modem R1 Motherboard- INTEL (Kitty Hawk 1.5) 1.2GHz Celeron R1 My problem is that when I plug it in it automaticly powers up but it will not boot up.My first brain buster was that it was the video card, no such luck that I know of I have no way of checking it, but it did not change anything.So I left it out and then pulled the RAMM out and still it will not send anything to the monitor. So from there I check the #'s on the RAMM through Gateway and the last number on the stick was of by 1 number, I don't know if that makes a differance or not, I still need to find that out too. Gateway will not help in any way because it has no warrenty on it.That is as far as I got as far as the haRDWARE. As Soon as I plug it in it beeps three times and thats it.The fan on the CPU and the PSU both run from the time I plug it in. I did try pressing and holding the start button for about 10 to 15 seconds and it went out for about a 1/2 second and came back on but did not stop the pc. At this point I am at a lost. I don't know what else to try except the PSU maybe out or something. If the pc was not broke would it boot up with no RAMM or video card in it. It calls for 128MB so do I need to get two 128's and put in it to take it to 256 or can I two 256's in it to take it to 512 or is that to much? Is there a way I can test the video card to see if it is any good? Is it true that 3 beeps is code for RAMM problems? I don't know what else to try so can anyone please help me with as much as you can. I cannot afford to dump a bunch of money into it. I do have a lot of extra parts from IBM's. Would any of those parts work in a differant brand of computers? I have box's of brand new RAMM's,CPU's,CD-DVDs, Drives,Heat sinks,PSU's,all differant sizes of fans,just many many parts from IBM's. Will any of these parts work in anything other than IBM's.I hope this is enough information because its all I can think of. I think you for any help you can give me.


according to the specs of your mobo it will support 512 but onlt as 2 256 sticks

Sorry about the spelling I use spell check so maybe I need to look at that. Anyway as far as trying to up grade it all I'm really trying to do is get the highest memory that it will take. As far as me putting in the wrong sticks I didn't, what happen was the last owner put a new one (5000529) in and it shut down from that point on. The one that he put in it is (5000529) when I looked it up it said I needed (5000528) or the (5000532) now I could be wrong too so what I am trying to find out is which one do I really need because I am going to buy 2 of what I need and hope to GOD that it fixes the problem. ALL of those numbers are Gateway part numbers. I took the battery out today for about 30 seconds to reset the CMOS and put it back in but I think I'm going to buy a new one to put in there. This is an older machine and it only has a CD drive and I have a whole bunch of extra DVD drives I want to put in it if I can get it going right. Thats all I know of doing to it on upgrading it. If you don't mind I have another question for ya, I have a Windows 98 00 model and it didn't come out with USB's and I have a new D-Link Quick Media USB 2 port PCI Adapter. Will it work in it? If you don't even want to bother answering this one its really not that big of a deal. My main concern is the XP and I thought I would just ask so I do thank you for your time and trouble on helping me out.

Thank you for your help but what is the "IC" I just found out that the last owner put the one RAMM stick in it and that is when it went down on him and he didn't know what to do. It has three beeps in a row with no pauses they were all the same. I don't know anything about the AMI>>3 either so what are you suggestion I do?

Thank you all for your help and taking the time to reply to my problem. I know it is an old machine but I got it for free and I really need a desktop and I defiantly cannot afford to buy one so this will be a big help to me. You all have giving me a lot to think about but now I have someplace to go. "ecknight6754" Thank you for the web address I can use that alot. It has three "beep beep beep" just like that with no pauses or anything. I just wanted to know if the RAMM was a big possibility before I buy the new RAMM. Do you think that I should only put up to 256MB or can I take it up to 512MB since it only came out with 128MB Does anyone know how to check a video card or should I just put a new one in it?

The thing won't work with no RAM in the slots. But 3 beeps (as other say) is telling you there's a problem . The manual for the mainboard (internet if you don't have a hard copy) should confirm what others have said. L

ok three beeps is almost always a memory error of somekind first thing you do is unplug it remove the battery short the battery connector since your mobo has no cmos clear jumper this will reset the cmos to factory defaults. replace battery and insert one stick of ram and try to power up if still the same error redo the first steps and try with the other stick if still the same error you most likely have 2 bad sticks but if you have you recovery disk for your bios or can make one there is a jumper setting for that. attached is a link with help and support


edit your serial number out of your post.

If it was my computer, I'd just get a new motherboard/CPU/RAM. Then you have an upgrade for less than the cost of a new computer.

The three beeps are a good sign, your mobo is probably not dead. Faulty RAM would usually be indicated by one long beeeeep, so probably not that. Faulty Video Card may be indicated by two short beeps and a long beeep, is that what you are hearing? If so, any IBM compatible video card that fits in the slot properly should get you out of trouble in the short term. I would suggest unplugging everything not required to make it power on, so unplug HDD's, CD's, modems and network cards while working on it to simplify your options. Grab the actual model number off your motherboard and visit a website that has the beep error codes listed. Somewhere like wimms BIOS resources or similar. Having said that, its a pretty under resourced PC for todays standard, you should consider replacing it before spending any money on it.