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Do I have followers? Answered

Is anyone following me on Instructables? I've noticed that most of the same people comment my questions. Thanks if you do. You guys are a real help. Sorry if you're waiting for some of my own instructables. I've just been too busy with other stuff. I'm going to try and post one on my homemade Savonius wind turbine soon. Why isn't there a category to just ask questions about Instructables? Seems like there should be.


Can you see anyone out of the window ?
Any black helicopters circling ?

Then no, you are just like the rest of us.

I think the word "followers" here sounds much like "stalker", I preferred the word subscriber personally.....


Yes, that or disciples...everyone's the Messiah on Instructables!

Yes, we're the dusty bum of Instructables. Good thing there are the Knexers to counterbalance our bad effects...

Dusty?!? Wait, my mom always said dirty children are happy children.... I suppose there's some truth to that, though I suspect that we, the dusty bum, are collectively neutral and the knexers are a net negative to the site countered by the foodies.

Very cool. I award you the Iron Ring.

Well, it would be awesome if I was important enough to be followed like that. Followers, Subscribers, Watchers it's all just crazy website terminology that the internet uses to describe someone who wants to keep track of you. What I'm trying to ask is how you, and a small group of people, always get to my questions in less than a few hours every single time.

It' like a fun game, just click on Answers then click recent and you will see.


No it wont, those are the people you're "following"


7 years ago

I helped a friend who built a Savonius turbine to pump water. Looking forward to your ible.

Mine's a 1 Kw electric one. I'm building it now. It will charge an electric fence and aerate a pond. I may also use it to provide lighting for my farm's driveway.

There may be people - they will show on your 'followers' page.

When you ask a question about an instructable, it's best to ask it in the comments section of THAT instructable - that way it shows up to the people who know/care about that ible and will be more likely to help.

I'm talking about the website Instructables, not the content of this awesome website.

indeed, then 'this' is the place to ask...

unless it pertains to a bug, in which case you can report it to the community Forums (top right link) in the bugs section or

site feedback -- same dealio, forums.

I feel that there should still be a separate category for Instructables oriented questions just like Facebook and YouTube have.

good call...something to suggest in the site features section ;)


7 years ago

What do u want 2 ask?