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Do I have to sand water clear casting resin? Answered

I'm a COMPLETE novice when it comes to resin of any kind. But I'd like to start doing my own flower castings as a hobbie. I was thinking of buying water clear casting resin- I want to be able to see the detail in the pieces but recently after watching a few videos and researching, i've found that I have to go through a sanding process. I thought that if I buy water clear then I wouldn't have to sand it because you will see the details? am I wrong in thinking this. Also,  if I cast items in glass jars will they come out super clear?

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rickharris (author)2018-01-21

Use a silicone mold. The end surface will be as good as the surface of the mold.

PS Flowers MUST br totally dry to cast effectivly.

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iceng (author)2018-01-20

Only sand if the mold cavity is rough and not perfectly flat.. I use tight saran wrap or inside if an egg shell with slow cure rate, pull a vacuum and slowly let air back in to collapse any bubbles..

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