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Do I need a diode? Answered

I am wiring 8x 5 mw lasers in parallel, powered by a 3.7v Li-Ion rechargeable battery. I was told that I would need a diode, specifically a 1n4001 diode to regulate polarity. I know what a diode does in theory (control the direction of electron flow), but I'm not 100% where in the circuit the diode needs to go. I'm assuming it goes between the positive battery lead and the output devices. Can someone clarify?


Are these lasers internally regulated ?

I guess the diode may be to drop the supply to ~3V.

It doesn't matter where the diode goes - +ve or -ve lead, but if its in the positive lead, the end WITHOUT the band goes to the battery +ve.


Yes, they are internally regulated. And that makes perfect sense. Thank you!