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Do LED's need to be mounted to a circuit board, or can they be attached in some way to a tube of some sort? Answered

Most LED circuits, like DIY brake lights are mounted to a board & covered w/ a plastic lens cover like a typical brakelight. My plan is to leave it exposed, if possible so that it sort of blends in until it is actually illuminated.


The PCB (printed copper board) is for easier handling/mounting/connecting, the lens is there to optimize the optics (light distribution). None of those is a must. Make sure, the leads can't short and the current is limited by a resistor or other circuit tricks.

If you use glue to fix the LED in place, make sure it doesn't chemically eat into the plastic.

There is one exception: some high power LEDs have to be mounted on some kind of heat sink, otherwise they will overheat.

Mount them any way you like as long as you don't short the leads.

As long as you have + to the positive lead on the led and - to the negative lead and they don't short the led should work. So do what you like.

That's kinda what I figured, but wasn't sure. Thanks!