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Do Plants Such as Vegtables count? Answered

Do the entries have to be flowers or can we also submit helpful Instructables on how to grow richer and better tasting fruits or vegetables?



10 years ago

I think the focus is on the actual *flowers* this time, not gardening per se. So:

duct tape roses: yes
how to grow squash: no
how to fry squash blossoms: yes

At least that would be my interpretation...

This is just an observation of course but it appears now that the winner has been posted, featuring an upside down planter, you have unfortunately interpretated incorrectly. BTW I'm just messing with you :-)

Don't worry - that person will be contacted, and forced to return his prize!

Nah - just kidding. I've noticed that the Instructables crew is often very generous in allowing entries. Heck, have a look at the latest Burning Questions round:

"Only Instructables answering questions on the list will be admitted to the group and prizes." ... yeah, sure... ;-)

You can have my Robot T-shirt when you can pry it from my cold dead hands! lol Yes I have noticed their generosity first hand and they are very giving. I am very appriciative of it.

They are indeed!

I just tend to get a bit anal about things like "rules" etc. It's a good thing they 're picking the winners! :-D


Actually, yes, I agree - it is specifically flower related.

That would "technically" then include the florets of broccoli and the relative Brussels sprouts?

Do flowering carnivorous plants count? (I think your count if they flower)

I don't, I just buy them and propagate them (ible coming up soon)

can't wait for the ible, is it going to have leaf propagation ? because I hear VFT's don't do well after flowering, (( I'm about to find out, two of mine are about to flower )) tech-king, Thompson and Morgan seeds have venus fly traps, and there is other specialty online seed suppliers which carry others, just goggle VFT seeds or some thing to that effect, and I know venus fly traps take years to get into a nice size plant from seed....

Actually I have pitcher plants. No VFTs...Yet.

. The description of this group is "Not the color, but what's going to save the planet." Sounds to me like it's for environmental stuff.

My guess would be that it need to be directly related to the flower. Not just, "If you do this, you can grow vegetables, which happen to have flowers".

I don't know if they do count, but I think they should. Think of all of the different kinds of fruits and vegetables that produce blossoms for pollination - tomatoes, beans, squash, apples, and so on. Even cactii flower under the proper circumstances!

However, if the contest description specifies flowers - not flowering plants - then it seems to imply a limitation that excludes plants not conventionally categorized as flowers.

Perhaps a future contest could involve garden plants; including vegetables, fruits (vines, bushes, trees); root vegetables, like onions, radishes, carrots, potatoes; as well as herbs, unusual garden plants; greenhouse and hydroponics grown produce; tropical plants grown as houseplants, i.e., bananas, limes, etc.?

Are they flowering fruits/vegetables?

If so, it would make sense.