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Do any big makers or instuctablers live near me? Answered

Hey I was wondering if any big makers or instructablers on this site live near me. By big I mean professionsal makers and stuff, the famous instructable members who everyone has seen their ible's and knows about. I recently saw someone's ible' with an enormus air cannon using a piston valve and some of the pics in the ible' looked like they were from around here. but they weren't.

            I need someone who knows alot about airguns, valves(homemade or bought), patatoe guns, compressed air ect. That type of thing because my "career"(not a career cause im a minor but you get it) in making air guns has come to a hault when I encountered two big problems that prevented me from making my guns any  bigger or my valves faster so I'm stuck

Anyone who has knowledge in that feild or who lives around me please PM me and comment
I live in rochester hills michigan


Гудхарт, я поддерживаю вас

The answer has to be "yes" as we both appear to reside on planet Earth so must be less than 12,500 miles away, which is an amazing coincidence considering the obervable universe is a sphere with diameter of 14 billion light years (give or take a bit).
Further than that I cannot say, as you haven't said where you live.

It's not in his profile, either, so that makes all three of us neighbours...

Weeeeell, sometimes I feel like I am alien to the planet :-)

Sorry, got a bit carried away there - As Kiteman says, A topic about your potato gun problems would get a lot more relevant views than a general question about location.

There's a fair few potato cannon projects on Instructables.  Possibly someone has come across (and overcome) similar problems to yours.

Why not just start a topic about your problems? Add photos of what you've got, diagrams of what you want to achieve, and you'll get a lot more help than one single local can give you.

that would work im gonna do that. but its not just for my gun i just thought it would be awesome if someone lived near me. i live in rochester Michigan. so anyone live near me

Hmmm, I would have a good 12 hour drive to get anywhere near you :-)

Dude, it appears like you've only got the brits talking, I'm in ferndale and i3 is nearby, so yes there are a few people near you.

sweet so ur sorta near me, i think. But this may be a stupid quistion but whats I3

i3Detroit, one of the larger hakerspaces in the country I think. I live less than 2 miles from it, yet I've only been there a few times.

Welllll, unless you say where the heck you are in the world, how can anyone answer you ? At least put the country in your profile.