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Do negative ion generators eliminate smell? Answered

Would a design like this work to eliminate odors in a small room?

Whole thing is enclosed in a pvc pipe with 1 end open and one with small holes.
The ac power goes into a switch that goes to the negative ion gen. in the sealed end of the pipe.
The 9v battery goes to a switch, then to a small blower fan that blows the air out of the pipe.


I think negative ion generators (ozone generators) create a "back of the television" smell of their own and they irritate my eyes. I had a friend who bought a huge one for her tiny apartment and ended up in the hospital with lung damage because of it. Check out the the consumer warning on the EPA web site.


Yes although it is far better to eradicate the source of the smell.

I know. The source will only be there for a few minutes though, It's the fumes from a chem reaction, not toxic, but smells terrible.

Then you need an exhaust fan to remove the fumes quickly. Ion generators work slowly and won't be able to deal with your odor. They work better for lingering odors like musty books etc.

By that you mean just add another fan on the back? Or something else?

No, it means EXHAUST the fumes directly FROM the reaction to somewhere NOT in the room (ducted from here to there).

Ah, gotcha, so like a big fan blowing through a tube- or directly out the window then.

Note: Depending on what kinds of smell you're trying to cancel out, this may not be the best answer. As i've commented elsewhere, the enzyme solutions used to remove pet odors from carpets and the like are cheap, effective, and solve the problem at the source.

Yes. The one I have in my office works pretty well.