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Do pre-programmed PICs exist? Answered

I'm trying to complete an instructable however I ran across a small problem: I need to program a PIC. Unfortunately, the devices used to program the PICs (Pickit2) are too expensive for something that I'll use maybe once or twice. Is there a way to buy pre-programmed PICs with custom code? Thanks. 


Microchip provides quick, secure and inexpensive production programming of PIC microcontrollers through microchipDIRECT.
Here is how to get started :

Step 1 – Upload Code / Create Program
In the top navigation bar, select Upload Code under the Programming Center pull-down menu option. Select the part to program. Upload the hex file and if you know the checksum, insert it. Select from the optional services, if desired. Name your program. Once complete, select the “Add Project” button.

Step 2 – Request Verification Samples
Once the code has been uploaded, you are ready to proceed through the verification process. Select “Place Verification Order” button or select the “Request Verification Samples” from the left navigation menu. Once you’ve selected the part, you are ready to pay the set-up fee. Fill-out the payment information and choose to either waive verification or request verification samples. If you waive the verification, read the terms and agree and select “Next”. You are now ready to place the production order.
If you choose to request verification samples, input the shipping address and select “Next”. Your verification order is placed.

Step 3 – Approve/Reject Verification
Once you receive the verification order, you are ready to approve it or reject it. To do so, select Approve/Reject Verification under the Programming Center pull-down menu option. Find the verification order to approve and select “Approve” and click “Update”. Once approved, you are ready to place the production order.
If the verification order needs to be rejected, then select Approve/Reject Verification under the Programming Center pull-down menu option. Find the verification order to reject and select “Reject” and click “Update”. At this point, you can upload code to make a new version.

Step 4 – Place Production Programming Order
After approving or waiving the verification, you are ready to order the programmed part. To do so, select Place Production Order under the Programming Center pull-down menu option. Find the production ready part and insert the quantity and then select “Add to Cart”. Click on the shopping cart icon to proceed through the checkout process.

Step 5 – Edit Current Programs
To make changes to existing programs or to simply view the list, select Manage Your Parts under the Programming Center pull-down menu option. The next session contains two different areas: Parts you are currently working on and your production ready parts. The Parts you are working on or “In-Process” parts allows you to go right to the next action step as well as revise/update the program and expire the program. The production ready parts are ready for purchase.


Try PICAXE. They sell chips that can be programmed with nothing but a serial port (and they sell USB adapters, too). I don't know if you can program them in anything but basic, but it might work for your project.

Well, i'm really really eager to finish the double clap switch instructable. It uses a pic10f222 so I would have to research if it's interchangeable with a picaxe. Thanks.

Directly interchangeable no BUT I have no doubt at all that you could re-engineer the programme with a picaxe.

technically you can as they can compile the basic code BUT there is hardly any reason to do so unless speed is essential and then your likely to be in raw Pic territory.

Put an "ad" in the "Wanted" section of the forum and see if someone can help.


As an online service, not really

but I bet if you asked real nice one of the many hacktastic people here on the community forums would be able to provide a programmed chip at a reasonable cost -- or by asking the author of the ible.

*that said a pic programmer kit can be had for uber cheap.

I did contact him, but he hasn't answered (it's been a month) so i guess I can rule that out...

Just to exhaust all options: did you send him a message, email, or leave a comment on his ible? its easy to miss comments.

He did say he was planning on making a kit of his 'ible and to message him again in a week. So i did, but since then, no response. It's frustrating because it's the only part I need -_- ... Really good instructable too. I'll look into the PICAXE a little more.