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Do repositionable glues stick to the original surface? Answered

I want to treat a plastic sheet with some glue, so it would create a Post-It like surface.
I'd like to have this (original) surface sticky indefinitely, and to have anything I attach came off clean later.
Is that how these repositionable glues work? Will they stick permanently to the surface they applied to first? Or there is no "original" and "other" piece, and some of the glue will transfer eventually?
Is there a difference in repositionable adhesive spays and removable/restickable glue sticks in this sense?


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rickharris (author)2013-09-24

Indefinitely is a long time - I don't think any glue as such will fit your requirements.

Re-positionable post it type glues don't ever dry which makes them reusable BUT they do pick up particles from objects and out of the air which coat them making them not sticky.

They are essentially very poor glues that do not have a strong adhesion to materials.

Depending on your application a magnetic board or velcro may suite better.

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shinjin (author)rickharris2013-09-24

"Indefinitely" wasn't the best choice of words.
What I really mean is this:
A post-it has glue on a strip, and the glue stays there. It won't transfer to other surfaces. So you always have a "sticky surface" and an "ordinary surface". I'm looking for something like this.

Some background on my project: I'll have a flat piece of plastic, that is the "holder" for small templates pieces. In normal use, the templates would be taken off, used, then returned. The small templates most have both sides clear, so velcro and snaps are both out of the question. The thing should be small enough to fit in you wallet. The same place where you keep your credit card. That's why magnets are probably not the best idea.

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rickharris (author)shinjin2013-09-25

If you experiment with a postit you will find out how often you can reposition and what the down side is.


there are a lot of re-positionable glues around - you may just have to experiment. Apart from Post its i don't have any experience to suggest one is better than another.

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klee27x (author)rickharris2013-09-24

+1. They pick up dust and lint, and no longer stick.

FWIW, these temporary adhesives are awfully similar to what I end up with when I mix epoxy casting resins incorrectly. I have a hunch that may be how they were initially stumbled upon.

If you want a temporary, repositionable adhesive, you might want to consider an ordinary glue gun. On non-porous surfaces, hot glue can be easily removed with alcohol. Peel it off, and reapply as needed.

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klee27x (author)klee27x2013-09-24

You can also consider Velcro or snaps.

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