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Do stepper motors produce to sets of electricity? 2 positive and 2 negitive? Answered

 I made a bike generator. Now I am adding a stepper motor to it. I see that in 2 instructables people used them with two ac-dc bridges. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

Most stepper motors will create a/c.  you will have to test the motor you have since there are several types and some have controllers built in and will be totally inappropriate for generators.

Test the one's you have.  connect different combinations of wires together to see which gives you the most voltage. 

Good luck.


8 years ago

Why are you using a stepper motor?  Is it the only motor you have, or do you have something specific in mind?

 Stepper motors consist of four magnets with a common ground - each one is individually triggered, slightly offsetting the output shaft continuously.  I have not actually worked with steppers so I may not know about what you are asking, but from the info I have just said - 1 comon ground, so already there is one negative.  Also, your statement "two sets of electricity" is unclear and in a circuit there is only ONE positive and ONE negative...

Please clarify as that I can better answer your question.