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Do the impeller blades of a centrifugal pump have to be bent? Answered

Hi instrucables...I have been working on a project in which I also need to make a centrifugal pump..I have been wondering that is it important to bend the impeller blades in a particular direction at an angle as they are in normal fans?......I mean the pump does work because of centrifugal force which pushes the water outward so the bending of the blades shouldn't be important right?......I have a bit of confusion in this so please do help me...thanks...



They work better if they are bent, but they can still work straight.


The curve of the blade, and its direction affects the properties of the pump slightly. See if you can find graphs of the pressure and flow characteristics. I have a book on the subject, but not to hand.


5 years ago

When the blades are bent by Bernoulli's equations the pump
is more efficient ie takes less power to move the same water.