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Do you HAVE to have a socket for an 8 pin microcontroller or can you just solder it directly to the board? Answered

I'm trying to put together a Tv-B-Gone with the Microcontroller from ladyada but they don't send along the socket (I had the rest of the parts already from other projects and just needed the microcontroller and socket) and its not at Radioshack either. So I'm wondering how important that piece is? Can't I just solder it directly to the wires? Or is there something specific that I'm failing to understand? In a dire need to learn, thanks.


You don't have to, but the socket would prevent the microcontroller from overheating and would help if you ever wished to reprogram it. So yes, you can just solder it directly to the wires.

Thank you very much. I'll keep trying to find a socket, but now I won't get frustrated if i can't locate one.

Yep, Bomberman's right . . . Unless there's no room for one as in my recent Instructable(shameless plug).
In case there's any confusion, what Bomberman means is that using a socket stops it overheating during soldering. If you're not using one, solder each pin for the minimum amount of time and let the chip cool down between pins.
If you can't find an 8 pin socket, you could take a pair of cutters to something larger (assuming, of course, you can find one).