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Do you have a website with healthier ingredient options? Answered

I have thoroughly enjoyed your baking class...everything from your detailed, simple-to-understand explanations to your great illustrations. As I have changed my hubby's and my cooking lifestyle to avoid grains, white sugar/flour/rice, etc., I was just curious to know if you happen to have a website where you mostly used the healthiest ingreds . . . I can't help but be somewhat amused at your subtle manner of not badmouthing any particular items (i.e. white sugar, white flour, canola, etc.) because I'm sure most folks may, by now, know the "truth" . . . :) God Bless You for this wonderful lesson . . .

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wold630Best Answer (author)2017-01-24

I'm glad you hear you have enjoyed the class. Unfortunately, I do not have a website to link to for healthier ingredient options. I tried to include the ones I could in this class without getting too far in depth.

I encourage you to try/make new recipes (and post instructables) with some of the things you have learned in this class, but using different ingredients. The financiers could possibly be adapted to a healthier version by using almond and coconut flour (instead of AP). A lesser amount of maple syrup could be used in place of the sugar and depending on the fruits you choose could be eliminated entirely! Let me know what you come up with!

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