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Do you have an appreciation of the ocean and are all about open-source? I'm looking for people to share ideas with me. Answered

Hi, I’m working on a project about making society more aware of the ocean.

This project is my master graduation project. The envisioned project will involve the open-source community; this is why I am looking for people to talk to on this matter and to share ideas.

If you are already convinced, please send me a message. I promise you, I will not spam you to death. I am looking for people that have an appreciation or connection with the ocean and are all about DIY and open-source and are willing to share ideas with me.

Some more info on the project:

As I see it we (society) are very connected to the ocean, most of the everyday objects are in someway shipped across the ocean. Eventually ending up as plastic bits in the ocean.

Even before the Industrial Age we’ve been exploring the world with ships on the ocean.  We’ve been shipping diseases, slaves, religion and tobacco around the world in small wooden ships.

The ocean also acts as the source of life, in other words, all of the creatures on land came from the ocean. The ocean provides us also with an import source of protein to feed the world; fish.

The ocean houses tiny creatures called plankton that are critical for the planet. Most people don’t realize that a mouthful of seawater contains millions of bacterial cells, hundreds of thousands of phytoplankton and tens of thousands of zooplankton.

Although we have this strong connection with the ocean we have yet to explore 90% of it. In our ordinary lives we’ve been so disconnected of the environment around us, the only thing the majority of people see are the beaches, the endless blue, until of course, some oilrig blows up and washes oil up on the shore.

The project I am working on sees opportunity in creating a connection with the ocean somehow.

This is not an easy challenge, I cannot do this alone, I am asking a community of people that think outside the box, are hands-on and are compassioned about what they do for help.

Message me if you would like to be involved!

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CheckDavid (author)2012-03-27

I am interested. What can I do apart from making you guys confused with my ideas? =)

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frits297 (author)CheckDavid2012-03-27

Hi, ideas are always confusing at first, but when you get it, they become powerful things.

If you have any thoughts on the subject please share!

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AriedeB (author)2012-03-26


before i can partake in thinking up idea's on the oceanfront, i was wonder in what sence your trying to make people more connected.

Do you want to make energy, a cleaner ocean or a more usefull ocean... or does it all get used in one big idea?

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frits297 (author)AriedeB2012-03-26

Hi ,
By connected I mean aware of the garbage we put in (to have cleaner oceans) and the richness and potential in the ocean (to enable people to be inspired).

How about you? Do you sometimes feel connected to the ocean somehow?

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AriedeB (author)frits2972012-03-26

Feeling connected to the ocean, yes i do.
Ever since i was a little kid i felt connected somehow, i feel it the most when i take a walk along the beach.
It calmess my nerves hearing the waves i guess.

So, your thinking along the line off cleaning up the oceans and making more awareness, am i right?

Starting a campaign could be a good idea to make people aware, you could use the internet to spread the word on cleaner oceans.

But more handsone it would be a good idea to look at whats the majorety on whats inside the ocean in the form off junk.
Could you make a device that sifts it out and turn the junk into something usefull?

am i going the right way here?

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frits297 (author)AriedeB2012-03-26

Thanks for you reply!

Well I have lot's of ideas but I am really curious on what kind of ideas you have. Would you say that if you listen to the sea-like-noise that comes from a seashell it will calm you down or feel connected in someway?

I was thinking on augmenting the noise from a seashell with a soundscape based on real-time tidal and/or temperature data. What do you (and other readers) think about this?

Cleaning the ocean from the plastic is difficult, most of the plastic is crushed by the ways into tiny bits, but cleaning the beaches from trash is much more easy and since it is the source of the problem a much better thing to do. How do we get people to clean up the beaches? Or how do we get people to stop trashing it in the first place?

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AriedeB (author)frits2972012-03-26

Augmeted reality is a grteat way to make people feel more close to the ocean, but using the sound from a seashell would become a difficult thing to do.
Whats beter would be the sound resonating from the inside of your ears.
I a way, when listening to the sound from a seashell, your actually listning to your own blood rushing trough the vessels in your inner ear.

So in essence you hear yourself but you link the sound to the sound of the sea...
making it an instant mental connection to the ocean itself.

How to stop people trahing the oceans?
Make it interesting for people to do something else with ther waste.
If you put pennelty's on trashing it will only anoy people, and it wil still be done, but in more secret ways to avoid the police or goverments.
making it interesting and maybe even profitable, would proof to be much more efective.
profitable in more ways than just money would be the key.
Energy for instance, building materials or other means to dipose of junk that make the world profit from it in stead of worsening it.

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frits297 (author)AriedeB2012-03-27

I read that it is the sound from the environment that is producing the sound of the seashell (source: http://science.howstuffworks.com/question556.htm) but I like your connection of listening to yourself in a sense!

When I read your post about stopping the trashing of beaches I thought about a giant collaborative art-piece where people could contribute a small piece of the art-piece by incorporating their trash. You get cleaner beaches and you are rewarded by contributing to some art while the community is supported financially due to the stream of visitors/tourists. 

Any thoughts on that?

I added three illustrations of the ideas I generated, maybe people can comment on them?

The first one is the augmented seashell soundscape where data from the ocean is steamed to you through some kind of seashell.

The second one is where people are asked to get samples from a nearby lake/sea/stream/river, send it to biologist who will use it in his research or whatever, from the data derived from that sample an organic shape is built which is then uploaded on the internet so that people will have the opportunity to order their own 3D printed lamp (or any object) with the shape conveying the diversity/richness/type of the sample that they sampled from a nearby lake/sea/stream/river.

The third takes the second idea a bit further. It's a kind of platform like thingiverse but then for so-called BEAM-robotics. The idea is to use the simplicity of BEAM-robotics and 3D printing to educate children about the ocean by making the tiny plankton and algae more tangible and more fun to learn.

It would be great if people could give me input, doesn't matter what kind of input, as long as it's more or less related to oceans.

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