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Do you have to turn an Arduino on\off? Answered

I am new to Arduino and was wondering about power consumption. Do you turn an Arduino off\on? Also, when hooking up a battery, under "Power", you hook up negative to Gnd, and positive to Vin or 5v? Finally, where can you find the cable to hook a Duemilanove to to a computer?


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S1L3N7 SWAT (author)2009-06-21

The only way to turn it off is to disconnect the power. Either unplug the USB or the AC/DC from the jack.

You can buy a 9v battery box with an on/off switch here:

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josiahritchie (author)2009-06-20

The USB cable is a normal cable like you've used for a USB printer. You can pick them up about any office supply store, Wal-Mart, etc. if you don't already have one lying around. It supplies power to the Arduino via USB. You only have to supply other power if you aren't connected to USB.

You turn it off or on by unplugging it. A feature (may make it in 18) is in the works to allow you to program in a "sleep" to allow an arduino to have a period where it consumes less power. It is especially good for battery life scenarios.

You may want to check out these links for more info:

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