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Do you know of a good liquid dye that doesn't conduct electricity? Answered

I'm in a rush to know for a project. Thanks. =)



Best Answer 8 years ago

You want something organic, lipophilic in a non-ionic solvent?
Colour preference?


i really don't care what it is, just so it doesn't conduct electricity if/when it contacts metal, but it still behaves like a liquid. Any color pref.

"Red diesel" is a possibility - dyed for tax free marine / agricultural use?
Or candle-dye:
Add to paraffin, e.g. Johnson's Baby Oil. But be sure to get an oil-soluble dye rather than a non-soluble powder
Tumeric powder does impart yellow to candle-wax, try heating baby-oil with this, I'm pretty sure you'd get yellow-oil from it.


 Lemonie has good questions.  I'd like to add that many dyes in water are a little conductive, because them may need a little acid or base to dissolve.  But I'd think that food coloring is not conductive.  

Put a transistor on the pole of a battery (make sure you get the polarity right), the other wire of the transistor in the dye, and a wire from the other terminal of the battery in the dye (don't let the wires touch each other).  If the transistor lights, the dye solution is conductive.  If it just glows dimly, it is conductive, but not very.