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Do you know simple electric guitar wiring? Answered

What is the correct wiring for a guitar with one single-coil pickup, one volume control and one input jack? I can't get a good signal and I don't know how to properly ground it.


my pickup has a yellow and black wire. would the black be the start or finish? would that go to the ground? and is soldering it to the case of the volume pot a good method?

my output has a white and black wire. which is which?

thanks you.

If you're only wiring one pickup and it only has two wires it makes no difference which is which. UNLESS. one of the is grounded. You can use an ohm meter to check for that. If one is grounded then THAT one must (should) be connected to ground.

If you use a pretty good sized iron, soldering to the metal case of the vol. control is the accepted way to ground that.  If you don't want to solder to the case you can put a wire under the face of the control before you tighten it down.  But that's not quite as good as soldering.