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Do you need to get a completely new iTunes when you get a new iPod? Answered

I had a iPod Classic and for christmas i'm getting the iPod touch. I'm scared that i'm not going to be able to put all my songs that i bought from iTunes on to my new iPod. Can someone help..?



iTUNES creates a file in the music folder with all your library content.You can just backup this file anywhere else and when you install a newer version of itunes replace the old one with the new one.That's it

The only concern is that it might have DRM limitations on the music you have purchased - in which case you have to associate the new ipod with your existing itunes account - so that they know you're not just sharing the songs with your friends' ipod(s) -- simple process, as others say its all automatic.

can you help me do that. it uploading some of the songs that i purchased, but not the ones that i just downloaded resently

Did you download them into your itunes library?  Drag them from wherever on your computer ONTO itunes - and itunes will add them to the library.  Depending on settings it might keep the old files or move them to the itunes music folder. 

When you sync, make sure your sync options include 'all music' not just 'recent music'.

Whoops, forgot that part. I had just assumed that associating the new iPod with the existing account was what randi9 intended to do in the first place.

iirc itunes says do you want to start using 'this new' ipod "only" and stops syncing with the old ipod from that point.

I use an itunes alternative to sync my ipod classic; Floola.  No such problems - it sees ipod, it talks to ipod :D

Hmm... new one on me. We have two iPods syncing to the same iTunes with no issues at all. The older one is set to sync to a specific playlist, while the newer one does the standard sync, but that's only because we wanted it to work that way, and set it up that way on purpose.
Of course, we haven't synced the older one in quite a while, so maybe it doesn't work that way anymore.

no, that must be an old functionality - apple must have loosened up realizing they would sell twice as many ipods if they allowed multiple.

I think that's exactly it. As I recall from when I looked up the setup info, the rationale was "Have a Classic for your home, a Nano for the car and a Shuffle for the gym" or some such thing.

Yup, all you have to do is pull up iTunes (presuming you're on a current version, as Burf said), plug in the new iPod, and follow the prompts. iTunes should walk you through the entire process.
We did this last year to upgrade my wife's iPod, and had no problems at all. We were even able to rename the old Nano and set up a separate playlist in her account so our son could have his own music..


8 years ago

In Windows, iPod Touch will sync with any version of iTunes 7.4 or later.
If you have an older version of iTunes, upgrade it to the latest version and you should have no problems.
If you have a Mac, go to the Apple web site and see what they recommend there.