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Do you need to lubricate a yo-yos baring? if so, how often and/or when? Answered

I have some ball bearing yo-yos, and I have never lubricated them before.  Is that bad?  if it is, what should i do?  and if lubrication is needed, how often do you do it? thanks!



Best Answer 7 years ago

They are usually lubricated by feel. If don't think it's spinning the way it should be, then it's time to lubricate it. This video shows you how and why.

You should only need to lube your bearings once every 500+ uses. When you do lubricate them I recommend using Trinity royal bearing oil or another oil designed for rc cars.


7 years ago

If it has bal bearings you normally don't have to lubricate as ball bearings get lubricated for life. Regular time spans for all purpose bearings are around 10 years. If it's just the axle running in holes, then you should lubricate from time to time as the friction without lubrication can wear out the holes in which the axle turns.