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Do you own or write to a blog or content management system? Answered

I've just finished v1.0 of my Instructable about making your own blog, from scratch, and I was wondering who here has a blog, writes to a blog, or runs a content management system of any kind.

I have been a blogger in numerous blogs in the past, i'm currently co-building a new blog with a friend, and I've owned and ran (before passing on) about 4 blogs. What's your experience?


I've tried in the past, but I have trouble remebering it :P
Recently I started work on a blogging platform that will hopefully build off my strengths/weaknesses.

I'm using Google App Engine for multiple reasons, the two biggest being I have always loved Django, and GAE follows in fairly close footsteps. Secondly, its free :D

I'm doing it because I couldn't find a really awesome prexisting platform that I could easily mod. I had some experience w/ PHP a few years back but I'd rather not touch it again. Everything else seemed to had an odd focus that would have been too hard to correct.
Plus, by making it myself I can have it show off "ideals" that I believe in. I'm using the avocet markup system because its lightweight, and very readable in plaintext. Markdown is similar, but I just prefer avocet.
I've also wanted to embrace growing technologies like SVG, yet I can't do so as I'd be completely ignoring sucky "browsers" like IE that don't support it. So, the blog actually has several different versions. I've only coded the standards-compilant XHTML & a "fun" ajaxy HTML version, but I plan on having at least SVG & plaintext formats as well.

I'm also using instructables-style nested comments, which I just love.

I'm hoping it will encourage me to blog a bit more :-)

I had the same problem. I got about 4 posts, then just forgot about it.

Yea but if you had multiple contributors and a big following, you wouldn't forget i don't think. It's just working up to a stage of popularity that's hard.

I tend to dislike blogs with multiple contributors, unless its done really well. People just have different styles & voices that can greatly change the nature of the blog. I don't know of anyone who would naturally blog with the sort of voice I use, and it doesn't feel right telling them to sound like me :P

I also don't care too much about audience. Sure it might be nice, but its not an important motive for me. I realistically don't expect many people to see it. (And on the same note, I don't expect to make money.)

I know what you mean but i was thinking different blogs on the same site. Like a consortium of blogs in one place.

santafeeva.blogspot.com Its about our electric car conversions, but I haven't added anything yet