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Do you see what I see? Answered

Here's a very cool illusion I have taken from this BBC article.

First notice that the two desert scenes have exactly the same colour composition. The skies are both blue-ish and the deserts are both yellow-ish.

Stare at the dot between the red and green squares for 60 seconds, and then look back at the dot between the two desert scenes.

The more focused you are in staring at the dot between the green and red squares the better the subsequent illusion will be.

The illusion was created by neuroscientist Beau Lotto (website here, with more illusions).

(Are you colour blind?  Do you see any effect from this illusion?)

I have a feeling that this effect could be used in some sort of cool Instructable, but I have no idea what...



I covered the bottom half of the desert scene by lowering my PC screen and stared at the dot between the red and green. The desert remained the same.

Then stared at the entire scene and wow! The one thing that came to my mind when Kiteman mentioned it could be used for a cool Instructable was this: subliminal messages. How anyone could use it is a question.

I see the effect in the sand but not in the sky, should it appear in both? BTW, I am partially CB, but not enough to prevent me from having it mentioned on my driver's license.

I saw it mainly in the sand, and I have perfect colour vision.

The longer you stare at the coloured blocks, the stronger the effect, plus individual monitor settings and types will have an effect as well.

I have seen an optical illusion based on the same principle, whereby a black and white photography is seen in color. Truly remarkable.

In this case, I see a porn photo... ;)


Is working... but not at this size, you have to zoom in.

Neat effect! Certainly not color blind.