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Do you think anyone out there could make a cocoon sleeping bed, could anyone make it, or make it cheaply? Answered

 I have seen it before, and it is a sleeping bed cocoon that floats in the air between two tress. And it isnt open it is your own little pocket, there will be photos on google, I just want to know how, if possible could this thing be made, and cheaply too.
Thank you to whom ever tries.


You've already answered your question (sort of), in that the cocoon sleeping bed/tent/hammock exists. (And, yes, I've seen them online also).

That being said, I think you want to know if anyone here (at Instructables), would be willing to make it? (Hence, your "Thank you to whom ever tries").

So, this isn't really a question, but more of a request. In the Community Forum section is "Burning Questions". It's described as:

Post an idea for an Instructable and somebody just might make it!

So, you should really post this as a "new topic" in the forums, versus Q & A.

Maybe the person is referring to a Bivouac or a Bivy Sack. I know that it is used to sleep in the outdoors.

Ya, there are several variations, but my guess (from the description) is that the OP is referring to something like this.

From what I understand the Bivouac Sack and Shelter are just tent alternatives, and don't include the function of a hammock. On the link to the Bivouac Shelter you noted, you'll see under "Storm poles" (in the second paragraph), the mention of adding a hammock below the bivouac. So, essentially, it sounds to me like the OP is looking for a Bivouac Sack/Hammock combo.


6 years ago

Google camping hammock and make a gathered end type. I made mine for around 20 dollars. then get a large rectangular sleeping bag with a drawstring and stick it around the hammock.