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Do you think it is possible to build a sturdy bike out of pbc pipe? Answered

I am trying to make a motorized bicycle, and i want its frame to be very light, and sturdy, as well as inexpensive..... do you think pbc will work? If not is there some other material i can use that is cheap but sturdy?


Search instructables for bamboo bikes. there are plenty of good instructs out there! Joints done with epoxy and fabric or cordage of your choice. Really cheap and very sturdy! You temper the bamboo with heat. Cover with varnish when done as it would be a shame to cover it with paint! Good luck!

It seems like if you did build a bike from pvc and plastic welded all the joints; you'd still have to fill the pvc with a sturdier material which would probably make the bike just as heavy if you had made it from steel. Light and sturdy material will usually cost quite a bit more, aside from maybe wood which could actually end up being pretty damn cool, in fact back waaaaaaaay back when bikes were otherwise known as velocipedes, they used to make em out of wood so there ya go. But other than that maybe if you got REALLY lucky and found like a carbon fiber bike on the cheap, you could afix a motor to that sucker and have a light bike, but I dunno.

If your assuming using the diamond style frame design as a regular bicycle uses it won't work. Even if it was possible to use steel lugs a way to glue or bond it together it would be whippy and flexible. How about a regular diamond frame with the front triangle out of steel lugs and PVC, and the rear seat/chain stays out of steel or aluminum? Now if you redesign to allow the pipe to support in a different way, thus taking the load off the joints you might have a chance, only thing is you probably won't be able to ride it and it won't look much like a bicycle...LOL

I think if you make it out of like 1 1/2 pipe and possibly fill the pipe with something to make it a bit more stout it could work

pvc pipe 'would' work - but remember one thing. If its motorized, it likely needs to be roadworthy and inspected as such - and pvc will NEVER pass a government vehicle inspection.

. I disagree. PVC is much too brittle and wouldn't hold up the the shocks encountered on a bicycle, especially a motorized one. . . You're probably right about inspection/licensing. Where I live, not too long ago, anything under 50cc was considered more-or-less the same as a bicycle (no registration, no operators license, no inspection), but that has changed. I'm assuming because a lot of riders didn't bother to learn the rules of the road before hitting the public streets.

or being hit by the streets :D I'd like to see how a pvc/abs bike would turn out - I think if it was sufficiently overbuilt (not just a triangle frame like a regular bike) it would hold up decently - as long as the main weight bearing areas were beefed up, like the forks.

. Assuming we are talking about PVC pipe, you could probably engineer/build a bike out of it (I think beefy would be an understatement and don't expect me to ride it when the temp gets below ~45F), but if the OP can't even spell it right (3x), I'm guessing he/she shouldn't even try.

. What is pbc pipe?

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Wood L


9 years ago

ill assume you meant pvc pipe. if you used 1/2" pipe then no. possible if you went with 1" pipe.

. When I read the title, I thought (s)he meant PVC and just made a typo. But with pbc in the body and the keywords, also ...

i just checked home depots website... and it doesnt find pbc pipe