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Dobo - A robot dog Answered

Hey Guys,

I've been exploring this site for a few months now but didn't make any post yet. I thought of making my first post here and to say hello to you all.

Here's me at a glance, skip this if you want :). One part of me lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a graduate in Computer Science (2004) and works in Software Company, but the other (and perhaps the real) part of me is a just obsessed about C++, Digital Electronics, Machine Intelligence and of course, Robotics.

I maintain the following blogs:
My General Blog
My Robotics Blog

I would like to introduce my latest robot, named 'Dobo' which is a robot dog. It looks nothing like a dog yet.. but soon it'll. Here goes some videos:

Let me know how it looks. I have plans to improve it more soon and I've bought a cute skin for it.

Look forward to have great time with you all!


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LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-07-10

Very nice! Welcome to the site. If you ever need anything feel free to contact me or any of the staff.

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