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Does 2 AA batteries give off enough volts to power 11 5mm leds? How would I set this up? Answered


Make all the LEDs parallel & you have to keep batteries also parallel. Connect the batteries through some registers like 20,50 or 100 ohms.

See if you get sufficient light. If not, you will have to use booster circuit. These circuits give better light but for less time.

Do you have any electronics, or soldering skill at all. Tell us where you're at, and what LEDs you're working with to save time.

I am using this kind of leds http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004UZDFPI/ref=mp_s_a_6?qid=1325518689&sr=8-6

Yes, but they will be horribly inefficient.

Say they were average leds, and you put the AA's in series

that gives you 3 volts to work with
leds draw 1.7-4.5 volts (each in series) depending on colour, pick one and look at it's Vf (forward voltage).

for example, red, around 1.8.

you want them to draw 20mA ish to be full bright for most 'bright' leds.


use that webpage with those numbers to figure out how to wire it up.

Which LEDs?