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Does Anyone Have A Red dot / holographic sight for a k'nex gun! TY!? Answered

 The Mounting Doesn't Matter, i can attach that! But If You Feel Like Helping Me A Ton Please Post A Link!!! TY!


yeah get a red LED light and glue it to some cut to a big rectangle then turn it on (using a switch that will go through a hole in the side then get a piece of plastic from a cd case or something weaker i used a peice of packaging from a box) and then turn the light on and when the red dot(it depends on what colour the red dot is) and then when its in the middle glue or selotape it in place and then cut the cardboard so it fits nice and tight then put the outher side on and remember batteries will put a video of my red dot sight on my youtube channel 'benjameen22'

Che k out my semi auto vector! My red dot and holographic sight has an actual reticle, without requiring ANY form of energy

Check out my semi auto vector. I made a red dot and a holographic sight. I put 2 layers of clear tape attached together with a dot in between the 2 layers. It actually works, too! I posted pictures of me aiming down both sights, and u can see the reticle on the tape. I'm not trying to brag, but I think that my idea is the most energy efficient and best way to make a sight. GO CHECK OUT MY SEMI AUTO VECTOR!!!!! IF U WANT TO SEE HOW I MADE THE SIGHTS, JUST TELL ME BY POSTING ON MY ORANGEBOARD OR REPLYING. IF ANY1 HAS A BETTER IDEA, POST ON THIS FORUM.

Shadowninja 31 has a sight with a red "dot" made out of pure knex on his KAST R3.

Crossman has a reddot sight made for their bb guns.  On sale it's about $8.  It works and looks good if you don't mind something realistic on a knex gun.


8 years ago

Mount a laser pointer to it. You may have to tape the switch down to keep it on, but I see no reason it wouldn't work otherwise.