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Does Anyone knows how to open this cube? Answered

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Hello Forum

I have this cube that I want to fix, it has a couple led burned, the problem is that besides the screws from the battery lid, there is no other screw or place to open it, I do not want to damage it because it needs to be returned to a very sad little boy :(
If any one has open one of this or has any clue on how to begin all comments are appreciated

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steveastrouk (author)2011-04-02

How about under a button ?

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Kiteman (author)2011-03-25

Are there no screws *under* the battery compartment lid? Maybe under the batteries?

If not, the whole thing is either glues together or clipped, and you'll have to risk prising it open by sliding a short, strong blade into a joint and twisting.

You will probably get a certain amount of damage, but it may be internal, and fixable with epoxy, or you may be able to persuade your little boy that the Sugru covering the cracks is an upgrade...

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wsanriv (author)Kiteman2011-03-25

No, the battery compartment en totally closed, no other type of screws under the batteries.
I am going to try and slowly try to take things apart.
And I loved the Idea with sugru. (^_^)

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jeff-o (author)wsanriv2011-03-30

Yeah, there are probably clips or glue holding the pieces together. It'll be a tough nut to crack (open)!

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lemonie (author)2011-03-26

I'll guess that the corner-bosses hold it together and are either glued or otherwise permanently attached.

You can't have these things easy to dismantle or have screws dropping out (young children).


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