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Does CarveWright CW005 Version C Woodworking System work with aluminum? Answered

I know that the CarveWright CW005 Version C Woodworking System is made for wood but i was wondering if you could change the drilling bit for something that could cut aluminum.


This doesn't augur well: it appears to be poor on wood !

I looked at this guy's review, he mentions paying $200 for it, where I see most of them listed for at least 5 times as much...Do you think he's talking about the same model?

Most wood machines are just not stiff enough to handle metals, but why not ask the makers ?

how would you suggest taking that course of action, where do i contact them?

I don't know, I anticipate you putting in the effort to find out who sells it to ask !!

It's not about what bit the system has. It's about how strong the drive system is. the system is designed for wood so the motors that drive it are not strong enough to help push the bit through aluminum. Not to mention those motors will try to drive the bit through the material faster then is should. Even if the motors where strong enough you would have to slow the system down to give the bit time to cut the aluminum. You would also have to introduce cooling of some sort to the bit so it doesn't overheat and dull so fast.