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Does GNOME 3 require hardware accelated graphics? Answered

I've got an older (2005) desktop pc and I'm thinking about installing Fedora 15 on it. I've heard that GNOME 3 should have hardware accelation for the graphics. Is this true?

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LongbowmanBest Answer (author)2011-06-19

Yes it needs.

You need to have little bit graphic card (128MB at-least ) with acceleration.

Gnome3 shell is good.

I tried the beta version and it worked fine.

Didn't tried official release

If it is not working or is slowing down then you can go for 'Classic mode' from Login screen. or Try XFCE ( made with same tech is Gnome so libraries are very much same)

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Juggling Knives (author)2011-06-13

Yea, I think so, because I couldn't get it working in a virtual machine. It should work with hardware accelerated casds such as, Nvidia, ATI, or even some Intel cards.

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Cool. I'll try it out on some real hardware, and see what happens.

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