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Does Instructables.com track where their traffic is coming from? Answered

One of my instructables has received several hundred hits just today.  It usually gets about 20-30 hits per day.  Is there a way to tell where the traffic is coming from?

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Weird. I've looked at the link provided and so far none of those pinners have enough followers to add up to the numbers I've received today.

Any other ideas?

The stats icon next to you name is your best source, but sometimes the data takes a few hours to resolve and might display more accureatley over time rather than when it's new. Also, traffic that is organic though Instructables (search / homepage) that land on your project do not show on these stats.

I'd guess that a lot of people justbrowse and re-pin or tweet without actually following, just as happens here.

Ohhh. Yes, now I see it. Thanks so much Kiteman. Now I wonder how I will tell who posted it? Guess I'll find out. Thanks!

I don't know Pinterest, but surely there's some way of searching the site?

Your projects have a "stats" feature, to the right of the page, which can give you an idea of where your hits becoming from.

(It looks like pinterest is the source - 4000+ views from there.