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Does a Pinecone die when it fell out of the tree? Answered

Does a Pinecone still grow after it fell on the ground... and when it would die, why does it still 'shrink' ?



Best Answer 8 years ago

A pinecone is the non-evoluted simil of a fruit, so it's as alive as a fruit is. When it is mature, it releases the seeds and then it falls down the tree. Then, it doesn't grow anymore and it shrinks because it gets dehydrated and shrinks as like as the wood does. Sorry if there is some misspelling... english is not my mother language.

It generally is dead or mostly dead before it even falls off the tree. The tree stops feeding it, it dries up and falls off. In other words, it dies and then falls off. Any seeds still contained inside it may be perfectly viable though, depending on the species and environmental conditions.

It is also apparently nutritious - My parrot used to love eating them. On the ground they rot down to a good mulch on the forest floor.