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Does a Water Pressure Gauge Work For Air? Answered

I need a pressure gauge that has a "lazy hand" like this one: http://www.plumbersurplus.com/Prod/Pasco-1428-Lazy-Hand-Water-Test-Gauge-0-300-PSI/12178/Cat/787

I can't find one for air so I wonder if this one for water will work.


Where are you getting your compressed-air, does that have a gauge? And for what purpose do you need the 'lazy hand'?

I need to test some containers to failure. The lazy hand will show the highest pressure before the rapid decompression. The air will be comming from a large compresser in my shop.


11 years ago

I would use it for air, if I needed it. As far as I know a bourdon tube works the same, for gas or liquid. However this is worth no more than what you paid for it.;)