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Does aney one know how to resize an image so it will be full screen on a psp when it is set as the wallpaper? Answered

I have a psp and every time i get an image to set as my background it isn't full screen without cutting off some of the image.


for future reference, you can just press square and then use the analog stick to zoom in and out. it'll stay that way when you set the wallpaper.

I don't have one, but I believe the resolution is 480 x 272, so your wallpaper needs to be that size. MS Paint for one will allow you to crop images (Image > Attributes), or if you have to deform it - Image > Stretch/Skew. L

it only resizes the area the picture is in not the picture itself

Your picture is smaller than this, or you're not doing it quite right? L

it is bigger and it cuts off the image exepct what is in the box it makes

(If you post the picture I'll re-size it) You want to divide 480 by your image width, multiply by 100 to get a % Do the same with 272 and your image height. Then use the % stretch/skew function. You'll probably then need to resize the canvass with Attributes. L

thanks they fit perfect but the quality is a little low but o well thanks alot

Well the originals don't really suite the device, but I'm glad the fit is right at least... L

yeha at least i can fit the whole picture thanks