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Does any body have a schematic to build an rc boat with two motors? Answered

I plan to build a remote control boat with two motors. Im going to have my friend make one and then we would put weapons on them and battle.


 you could go with a servo motor for steering and another motor for power, or you could put one on each side of the boat.  I haven't done this myself, but in theory it will work.  R/C could be salaged from a 10-15$ car, but a board on each end(transmitter/boat) would be more.  Also, it would have to be waterproofed, I recommend putting it in a brick of hot glue

i found out what to do. With some long hours of searching at my local library i found a book for hobby planes boat and submarine building. The best part is it comes with a schematic to build a reciever and transeiver. For three motors two motors and one motor.

I could take it out of an r/c car ,but then I would'nt have the fun of building my own circuit. thanx anyways