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Does any one do the free microsoft points stuff? Answered

I was wondering if it was legal and what sites were good and emailed the codes to you. I mean is it safe or would like one of Bill Gates "squads" show up at your door and then handcuff you? I've heard about doing this and it sounds pretty cool (especially if your like me and don't have that much money).


Nobody really does it, and it's mostly legal. Keep your wits about you. Use an IP proxy. And QUIT LOOKING OVER YOUR SHOULDER! You'll just draw attention to yourself!
But have fun.

Yeah, its probably legal, however the problem is that you might break a few Microsoft placed rules if caught.  Check the Terms of Use or whatever they call it (usually, its the thing you clicked "agree" for and didn't spend time reading).  I'm not too familiar with the Microsoft pts system, however, if its anything like other game money systems I've used, if caught, its possible that you could have your account suspended, and/or items/pts deleted.

IF CAUGHT.  Be smart, and don't draw attention to yourself.

If you want to be REALLY paranoid, search for Free Microsoft Points on Google, NOT BING.

LOL Yeah, Bing will be like, "Actually, you should just give money to Microsoft. Here are all the searches pertinent to donating to us. And if we catch you searching on another search engine for free points, we'll delete your DNA."

And then you'll wake up the next morning wearing pajamas that Bing chose for you, with their logo all over them.
And you'll eat Bing cereal, and hop on your Bingmobile to go to work. For a company owned by Bing.
And your boss will make you name your dog Bing or else you'll get fired and have to go homeless.

Actually, I think that's covered in the Microsoft Terms ofService... Or is that Apple's Terms of Service?<br /><br />**** it, I don't know... Both keep looking more and more like theother as time goes on.

No, Apple cleverly cons its users into choosing to buy Apple pajamas,Apple cereal, and an iCar (and you'll be buying the new iCar two monthsfrom now when it has 4 GB more memory and comes in blue).

thats SOOOO tru, thats why Linux rules over everything, being the ruler of the universe and the OS that God uses (God being ME cus i have my own religion, beat that M$uX and M4(!!!)

Well, funny enough, just as Macintosh (formerly Lisa) was a direct ripoff of Xerox's Alto, OSX is nothing more than Linux ported to PowerPC's instruction set.  I have to wonder how, now that OSX uses x86 processors, they can still get away with it.

Oh yeah, that's right - because Mac fan-boys believe that Steve Jobs is the risen messiah.

Tell me about it!
There must have been a spacial anomaly!


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