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Does any one know a password recovery software for an online game like runescape or Habbo? Plz? Answered

Plz help me i for got mi pwrd.


What if you forgot the security question and the email you used??: (havent played for years.)

Contact the site, use the "forgot password" option.
Otherwise no. They're not pieces of standalone software, they're web-sites.


First, did you set any of those recovery questions?  They are really useful if you ever do forget yopur password.  If not, then you can't really do anything, because runescape doesn't take emails. 


8 years ago

Can't you just contact the site administrator or whomever deals with customer accounts and get your PW reset?

But if you have software, you can just get your password (and your friend's password, and your not-so-friend's password) without having to bug the admin!