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Does any one know any good java / c++ / c# tutorials on the net? Answered

I'm looking into coding, but no one happens to do a good tutorial! If some one could post one on Instructables that would be even better. Would any one recommend coding as a job for an up-coming member of society? (I'm not there yet.)


There's a lot of good information about Java on IBM's DeveloperWorks website -- http://www.ibm.com/java

I believe that includes some basic tutorials as well as more advanced material.

As a job: Coding per se, no. Software engineering, yes.

Software engineering? Forgive me but I haven't heard that... expression before. Could you explain?

The way I understand it, "coding" is a kind of grunt work involved in almost all computer jobs (not jobs that just happen to use a computer). "Software engineering" is where you design and write programs. Desgning how Word 2009 would work would be a software engineering job. Actually typing and debugging the thousands of lines of code involved in making your Word 2009 project work is the process of coding.

I'm more into the looking through the hundreds of thousands of lines to find one stinking error thing. I'm mostly patient...

Then the good news is that the local library should have books about the nuts and bolts of various languages. Java is a good place to start. The programming books out there aren't like the textbooks that were the bane of high school--they're easy to read, well-structured, and applicable. They don't help much with the creativeness factor, but if you have the time and patience to just throw things together, having a textbook to reference is priceless. And when it comes to debugging, having a textbook around is like having the MLA handbook on your desk when that big term paper is due--you're not left wondering about syntax or anything else. Best of all, many libraries will sell beat-up or outdated copies of coding manuals that retailed for $50 for a dollar. That's where I started.

Wow, sweet! I've always looked at buying a book or something but I never really had the money. I'll have to check the library next time I go down there. Thanks. I'm not much of a reader of information-containing books. That's kinda why I asked for a website but oh well, I gotta start somewhere!

As long as you can use an index, it's pretty user-friendly. In fact, check the index before you buy. I've bought a couple that were badly organized and best used as doorstops.

*chuckles* yeah, I've got a C# book, it's massive and the index is 11 pages long.