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Does anybody Play Cricket? Answered

Cricket is a great sport, but in north america we don't exactly play it. I was wondering if anybody other than me and Kiteman know how to play. Do you? If so, PM me.



3 years ago

I Play Cricket & Love to watch too ;)
http://cricwc.com/ for mega event coming up :)

I live in Canada and am on a cricket team
We sure play it here you just have to look
I love cricket

the first ever international cricket game was between Canada and the US
Canada was just offered the 2011 u19 cricket t20 world championship
But unfortunately turned it down due to lack of funding

Good luck finding a team

There was a cricket team/club just formed this month where I live! They just... don't know how to play.


9 years ago

i do, well in the summer.

Want to help me and The K-man then?

help you do what? sorry i haven't looked around your ob yet.

oh, is it a collab. i'll help but im not doing pics, im a fast bowler and a bit of a batter, but i'm not taking any pics cause its freezing outside at the moment. if you haven't started an 'ible, can i make it?

im an ok bowler, but im way way better at hitting. i can throw the ball really hard, but my aim with speed is not the best.

Well, i kinda would rather, but sure. You can do it, PM me and kitemam with a link then.

if you wanna start it, then you do that, i'll fill in on some info.

On the other hand... I don't care that much... anymore. All yours! (If you start it I will still help, of course)

Since BB has already voiced his intention of writing an ible, wouldn't it be polite if he invited you to be part of his collaboration?

yes, see my comment on his response. i didn't look around much.

Of course! Cricket is awesome! baseball is ok, but i prefer cricket.

It's a little bug, like a grasshopper. The British have a game where they take turns biting the heads off, while drinking copious amounts of beer.

:-) Yeah, but a guy's gotta try, doesn't he? It would have been so funny if you had been....

The North Americans don't play it, but when I was a grad student at Caltech, there were a bunch of Indian students (both undergrad and grad), who would set up a pitch on one of the big grassy areas and play most of the spring and summer (once the rains stopped).

I ought to point out, my ability to play is largely theoretical, so BB needs other members to contact him or add to this thread.

A lot of instructables is largely theoretical.

I was looking for the family guy cricket thing, but all I can find is this:

Shockingly expensive

lol, spam spam spam spam

and I don't know how to play circket