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Does anybody else lose image quality while posting pictures on an instructable? Is it just me? Answered

I this seems to happen to other people or if it is just me, would anybody happen to know a way to fix it?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Most cameras can take a GIANT picture. Instructables cant print such a big picture, so they limit the size. So... if you don't want their automated system to reduce the size of you photo, you need to do cropping and re-sizing to a reasonable size pixel count. Also, be sure to have pictures that are in-focus and well lighted to begin with. I always save these cropped/resized/modified pictures to a special folder before uploading. If you do those things, it will put YOU in control of your picture quality within the limitations of the instructables website.

Thanks for all the answers. I just try to re size the images.

It happens to me too, I don't know of any way to fix it - but if you post this in "Help:Bugs" as a forum topic somebody might be able to tell you how.

Almost every website downgrades the file size so as to not leave you waiting for hours on end. Just take sharp pictures, it shouldn't lose too much quality.

If you take good well lit sharp photographs in the first place the loss will have minimal effect.

Well, go to your image library and look at the files. You'll probably see that "ORIGINAL" is much, much larger than any of the other sizes. The latter are the ones used in your I'bles.

So one way to "solve" the problem is for you to massage your files before uploading them, by reducing their dimensions. You can use software like GIMP or Photoshop to find a balance between size and quality that works for you, rather than relying on I'bles server code.