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Does anybody have a top five list? Answered

By top five list I mean something like: five tips to avoid something.. .., or something like: top five reasons to do......(your answer here). I would really appreciate a technology related top five list. I will also try to feature all of the top five lists on my blog: http://rubikstree.blogspot.com/

Thanks a lot! 



7 years ago

I think David Letterman has a few.

This would probably be better as a forum topic.

1) Rice pudding
2) RMS Titanic
3) The pre-cambrian era
4) Thirty four
5) Light drizzle

Top five questions that should be forum topics?

Top five members that deserve a slap?

Hmm... My top 5 knex models (personal favourites)
  1. Shadowman's Alternator lift
  2. I_Am_Canadian's Heavy cannon
  3. My automatic card shuffler (made with shadowman39)
  4. Mine and Shadowman39's hole puncher
  5. KillerK's TR18. (i posted it for him)
There are alot more i could add on, lol.