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Does anybody know a good substitute for asbestos? Answered

I need something that won't burst into flames, but I also don't want lung cancer. Any ideas? Availability is a big factor here.


what is the application? In the mean time: Cemenet Backer Board for Tile Fiberglass insulation--- sort of nomex

I'm making a simple carbon arc light, and I would like to prevent the rods from burning all of the way out of the protective can they will be in.

Oops, I forgot entirely about just plain ol' fiberglass, thanks.

ceramic fiber; brand names include kaowool and durablanket. 'rock wool,' used for fireplace inserts and door seals. if you don't need flexibility, firebrick will work. the insulating firebrick is much easier to work to shape-a lot like hard styrofoam. you can get tubs of fireplace morter-thin with water to make a paste and plaster it wherever you need it.

Porcelain I think I'd try fiberglass tape before the insulation type myself.