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Does anybody know how to make a duct tape bookbag? Answered

I'm asking (obviously) if anybody has ever tried and, suceeded to make a duct tape book bag. Thier are some requirements for the one that i prefer. I just really want to know how to make one. Theis are the requirments that i would prefer it to hav.
-colors (at least two but if it only has one that is fine) (o and if you can teach me as cool design as well please)
-zipper and or buttons
-pockets on each side for water bottle or anything else
-at least two big pockets for main things such as school supplies, laptop, etc.
-two straps.... if possible adjustable ones..... if not that is fine
-anything else that somone has included with it

and thank you for anybody who can get me the instuctions to my e-mail or post it up on instructables thank you for your time.
my email is



same as a laptop bag only with back straps i have a tutorial on how to make a laptop bag that you could mod a bit.

here is the link

It sounds like you have the opportunity to do the first Instructable on that topic...

Here's a bag to get you started, customize as you like.

thats kind of what i want. but the old book bags with 2 straps for your back? you know what i'm talking about? those kind but i have seen that tutouil (how ever you spell it) thanks anyway :)

- in case that you dont wanna use a sewing-machine, i would suggest to use hook-and-loop fasteners (as they come in glueable stripes as well as in sewable ones) or snap fasteners, if you can afford a screw press (they can be fastened by using pliers as well, but in my experience anything that is fastened into a fabric like pins or rivets, should be done by a screw press for solid and smooth performance) - If you make the bottle pockets maybe attach sum rivets at the upper end (just like rivets in Levi's jeans' pockets), that should make things more stable and keep it from pulling out.