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Does anybody know what kind of fabric is used to line camera bags that have reposition-able partitions? Answered

This fabric is basically the "loop" side of hook and loop tape. But what I am looking for is a FABRIC that you can use to line a bag or box and then place partitions (with the "hook side'' of hook & loop tape attached to the partitions) ANYWHERE in that bag/box to divide it. I don't really want to use the loop tape and sew/glue it all over my project.
I know this kind of thing is out there, because I have a camera bag that is lined with this stuff. I just don't know what it is called or where to get it. Any help is appreciated!
BTW - I live in the Chicago area


As gmoon said, felt works well. So does carpet scraps. You could go to your local fabric store or sewing center an pick up about any kind and color of material you need.


6 years ago

It's probably black felt, which sticks to velcro hooks pretty well.

It's also very opaque, so it blocks light.