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Does anyone do Automated Car Wash System by using Arduino with LDR? Answered

I wish to know how am i able to write a program which i could control the water spraying, brushing and drying by using arduino. 
My project is to use a laser pointer which will send the signal to the LDR and it will trigger the water to spray, brush and dry the toy car on the conveyor belt. Can anyone help me?? I'm a diploma student, and my supervisor is a mad man which who asked me to do such project which he doesn't know either. 
The first image is how i think my circuit looks like
The second image shows what i had done


I can help you out, but can you tell me what the laser pointer is for? Cause when it rains, it usually gets dark I understand that which will cause a change in the ldr and use the arduino that way. But i didnt get the lasers purpose. also thats not a very efficient way of detecting rain tell that to your supervisor:). But since he asked for it its cool. I can help you in the code and hardware part.

Could you give me your email address or Facebook so we can discuss about the coding and the hardware part, i'm in a hurry on doing this project, the time given for me to complete this project is until 14th April.

Now the time which I'm making this comment is 4.23 A.M. 30th March for me.

Yeas sure my email is atharvachitre21@gmail.com. Mail me the details of your project and how exactly you want it to go so that we can begin working on the code.

Thank you for the reply =)
Well, from my knowledge from the supervisor, he just told me that the laser pointer will be pointing at the LDR which my circuit will show high or low resistance and voltage to control the spraying, brushing and dryer, which means that when the laser pointer is pointing at the LDR, the voltage and resistance will be low, means that there's nothing in the conveyor belt. When the car is in the conveyor belt, it passes through the laser pointer which is pointing at the LDR, the voltage and resistance will be high and trigger the ports in the Arduino to do the work
I wish to make my project to be simple since I'm just a diploma student, so I'm planning to change the spraying part to become something which the water will rain down from the water tank, which means I wish to put a tank with holes on top of the project, and use the Arduino to open or close a gap where the holes will rain down the water. On the brushing part and dryer part it still remains the same as the one in the video link below.

This link shows a video what my supervisor wants me to do, well it doesn't need to be exactly same as it, but it's something similar to that. As long as my project is simple and it could work, i'm fine with it. =) I really appreciate your help on the code and the hardware part.

He just threw a topic to me and tell me please do this. If you have any question please do the research yourself. And I was like duh, could I really do something so good with my limited knowledge? Hahahaha
Sorry for my bad English, I wish you could understand what i'm trying to tell you

The first image is how i think my circuit looks like

The second image shows what i had done