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Does anyone have a design for a cheap functional headboard? Answered

I need an Instructable for a cheap, functional headboard . I would like to upholster the headboard as well. Can anyone help?


HGTV has lots of ideas for different DIY headboards. For example, you could use a vintage panel door, a hollow core door, plywood upholstered with foam/batting as Phil B says. Other ideas include sewing fabric loops to throw or upholstered bed pillows and hanging from wall hooks. Industrial strength velcro works, too, but it will pull up drywall. I have even used large sheets of styrofoam with batting and fabric pulled over them. I simply put some nails into the wall in a line and pushed the styro onto the nails. Worked really well for me.

This is my 1st time of putting anything in for an "Instructable" or even a replay.

However; here's what you basically asked for.


I AM NOT SPAMMER!!! I am a REAL person just trying to help. I know how it is to live on a VERY VERY VERY SMALL budget per month. So I have to McGiver/McGyver (which ever way you want to spell it) a number of things; to get what I wanted and could use for quite some time.

 You can also use picket fencing. Determine what width you want, have it cut at the store, take it home and paint and decorate, then affix to the wall.

Phil B

9 years ago

Will the headboard support the end of the bed, or just be a decorative appendage while the bed is supported by standards under the frame? If the bedframe is fully supported, half of a sheet of 3/8 inch plywood could be cut to a pattern and covered with upholstery material.