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Does anyone have a hoist system to raise my garden tractor cab off the tractor and store on the ceiling of my garage? Answered

I am looking for some help in designing a simple pulley system to lift my Garden Tractor Cab off my John Deere Riding Tractor and store it in my garage. It's a hard roof on my all-weather cab and weighs about 150 pounds max. I would be attaching it to the roof of my garage (both cab doors come off). I want to be able to back the tractor into the garage..and have this system allow me to lift it off, raise to the ceiling and store it until next winter. I have a bad arm so it's tough for me to manage it without this. thanks!


Last fall I bought (for about $100) a 2000# 12 volt winch which I attached to my (fairly large) garden tractor. In my garage, I strung a stout chain between two joists and attached a pulley. Using the winch I lifted my my tractor blade up overhead, something I never could have accomplished by hand. And now I can pull myself up the hill when I am stuck and a dozen other chores. Just a thought.

a system of 4 double pulleys on the ceiling, properly anchored, and 4 single pulleys with hooks dangling below them would work - we built a similar system for the porche roof in the garage. So long as the hooks are sufficiently weighted down, and equally bear the weight around the centre of gravity of your tractor roof - it will stay balanced.


with this setup you'd have 8:1 reduction in force required - so only lifting about 20 pounds of tension (150/8) on the line - could be done with a hand winch, but it would take a while