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Does anyone have a mod for the Canon PowerShot S3 IS other than the CDHK mod? Answered

Like a protector for its lens, i saw one lensmate attachment so it would protect the lens system, is there like a ghetto version of it, or a poormans mod? :)

Here is the lensmate attachment.

Thanks for any help!

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AndyGadget (author)2010-01-23

Thanks for the link - I'm going to have to get a Lensmate for my S5IS.  I've got the Canon adaptor but this looks a lot more versatile.  

I've considered the CDHK mods which is one of those things which should  work, but it's a big deal if Sod's law strikes and you're left with a brick.
Other than that, if the S3's the same as the S5, it's a tricky fitting to put anything home-made on, and the fact that the lens whizzes in and out makes it all the harder.  I'm going for the Lensmate myself.

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oginne (author)AndyGadget2010-01-31

Thanks for your reply andygadget! I opted to order the lensmate, but i live all the way in the philippines which makes it hard for me to wait. About the mod, was trying out a couple of stuff like soda cans and such which needs to be cut and mounted with either a zip tie or something on the outer lens area so it would not be a hassle. I've found complaints on the web about its lens, mainly the problem is people bumping the lens into stuff. But anyway, hope to find a suitable mod for it. Thanks again. happy building!

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AndyGadget (author)AndyGadget2010-01-23

Pah!  I'd have gone for the black 52mm Lensmate but it's been discontinued.  They still do the 58mm but it's silver!  Would look a bit incongruous on a black camera.  Also, my old SLR filters are 52mm.

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