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Does anyone have a plan for a motor driven aluminum can crusher that can crush multiple cans at once? Answered

My family collects a large amount of aluminum pop cans each year and takes them in for scrap every few months. The problem is that it takes so long to crush them all by foot. I've done some looking and have seen can crushers (mostly mechanical) that crush one at a time, but I'm looking for something with a electric motor and some sort of small hopper where I could dump cans in to be crushed and dropped into a bucket. Any ideas? Thanks!



7 years ago


I just reread your question and noticed that you wanted an electric motor driven can crusher. Well, I am 71 years old and my grand kids soon tired of the novelty of pedalling, so I took an old motor off of a funace blower and hooked it up with an old gear box I found in the junk jard. We have used this thing for over a year, crushing thousands of cans with no problem so far.
My last load paid 75 cents a pound in Granite City, IL

I have built the worlds fastest human powered can crusher. I took an old sears exerise bike and a transmission from a rototiller. I connected the chain from the crank sproket to the rototiller transmission, after removing the blades from the transmission, I welded up a crank for each side with about a six inch stroke so that I can crush the can sideways. I used old steel bed frames to build the frame and the crushing beam, as well as the magizine tray. The tray holds about 20 cans and they feed in one at a time and fall into a bucket under the crushing chamber. Almost everything came from a junk yard except a little paint and the welding rods. This machine will crush about 500 cans an hour.
I have many pictures, but I am knew to this and I have not figured how to put them on this forum.

maybe instead of crushing them, it would be easier to shred them? a wood chipper might work..

. A car works VERY well. Place a load of cans in the driveway and roll over them with the car tires.